A home inspection can be invaluable for a multitude of different reasons.

In this video, Kurt walks us through some of the more major reasons one would want to get a home inspection and the benefits that come with it.

The top 10 reasons to get a home inspection are;

1.) Know for sure what is right and wrong with a property

Sometimes a homes issues are invisible and easy to overlook by an untrained eye. Enlisting a professional will ensure you fully understand the condition of a particular property and have the info you need to make an educated decision on whether or not to buy it.

2.) Get a thorough report on the condition of the entire home

The itemized breakdown an inspection will provide will give you the info you need to not only understand the gravity of a particular property but give you valuable facts you can use in your negotiations.

3.) Check for environmental problems

A home and its systems can either create and/or mitigate certain environmental issues. Making sure sensors and systems designed to alarm one of risk are fully operational is imperative to safety. Properly maintaining other systems like gas heaters, stoves and multiple other systems so they don’t become an environmental issue is also critical to long term health and reliability.

4.) Safety Issues

Whether a leaky connection or a garage door that’s about to fall down, thoroughly understanding the condition of things and in turn the safety risk they pose, is important information. This information allows you to properly prepare and budget as well as make the correct offer with all things on the table.

5.) Inspectors will check every corner

An inspector will go through the home with a “Fine Tooth Comb”… They’ll go under the house, they’ll crawl through the rafters, they tinker and understand all systems down to their smallest functions and components. When complete, you are certain to have a great expanded idea of a home condition.

6.) Inspectors will help you better understand your home and how to take care of it.

A commonly overlooked but high value benefit to a home inspection is having an expert help you understand each system and feature of your home as well as how to properly maintenance them. They can help you not only make sense of what each system does but understand the needs of each so you can do the preventative maintenance to extend the life of all and keep them running at their best.

7.) They’ll help you understand how to operate certain things.

Some systems can be tricky to use. They can require complicated programing sequences or in general or just not user friendly. An experienced inspector can help you familiarize yourself with these systems so you can control and get the most out of them.

8.) Inspectors will tell you the condition and life expectancy of major appliances

Knowing how much life is left in appliances and other features of your home will allow you to budget for replacements and service. A surprise broken water heater is an event certain to be uncomfortable and likely expensive. Avoiding these “pop-up” events will save you headache and money along the way.

9.) You can get a home warranty

A thorough report on your homes condition and the expertise of a qualified inspector can help you secure a home warranty which in many instances can be quite valuable offering further protection into the future.

10.) Get an educated inspector

Like most things, experience matters. Finding someone who truly knows what they’re doing and can provide the benefits outlined above will be key in getting the most from your inspection

Ask around, read reviews, even ask your real estate agent. An experienced real estate agent likely already has these relationship established, know who will deliver and can connect you with the right person for the job.

We hope you enjoyed this quick breakdown on the benefits of a home inspection and we welcome you contact should you have additional questions about this or anything real estate related.