Marketing your home in a unique environment like Canon City, Co can have it’s challenges.

With the right understanding of the market and the implementation of a handful of great strategies and resources though, it doesn’t have to be hard.

Here Kurt will share with us some tried and true methods he implements to ensure the greatest exposure for his properties and in turn the best outcomes.

1.) Know your audience

Knowing who you’re looking for and where they’re at will be the foundation for your marketing strategy. The vast majority of homes are initially learned about by buyers on the internet. Making sure you have an incredible online presence for your property give it the best shot of being seen by its future buyer.

2.) Use social media

Utilizing platforms and communities such as Facebook, twitter and others to raise awareness for your property is an excellent piece to any online marketing strategy. Not only posting to your pages but sharing with others, even tagging them in your post or even listing specific hashtags that will bring targeted traffic to your post can make a tremendous difference.

3.) Digital Media

Making sure you have super high quality videos and photo content will go a long way when showing potential buyers your property. It’s not uncommon for a persons decision to be largely made on the media you’ve included in your listing and the features, it highlights. Making sure your property is properly promoted utilizing professional, thought-out and high quality media will not be a decision you regret.

4.) Dedicated website

Creating a website specific to your property has multiple benefits. From a search engine perspective, this will direct interest on the address directly to your property. It also gives you a platform to include all the media and information a potential buyer would want to know about the property so they’re able to get everything they need in one simple and convenient spot.

5.) Putting your home on the MLS

Getting your home on the Multiple Listing Service is sure to increase it’s exposure many fold. The MLS takes your listing and places it in front of real estate agents and buyers virtually everywhere. Considering the MLS is perhaps the most popular platform watched by buyers, it is essential your home is available to be seen there.

6.) Have a pricing strategy

Understanding the market coupled with your goals and perhaps even having the feedback of a real estate professional in the mix, can help you formulate a successful pricing strategy. This strategy not only includes the price but certain milestones, thresholds and negotiation criteria that being aware of can protect you and give you the greatest shot at success when the offers begin to roll in.

7.) Perfect on day 1

You only get one shot at a first impression and when selling your home is a chance not worth taking. Getting everything dialed in before you launch will make sure the property has the best shot at being positively received by the market. The last thing you want is to launch with a lackluster presentation and then continually change it as you go. Put in the thought, get the amazing pics, take the impressive aerial video, collect it at a custom website and when your property goes live all you have to think about is which offer is the best fit for you.

8.) High quality photos and videos

We already touched on these when talking about digital media but to drill down a bit further, super high quality photos and videos are a must. A quality photo includes the staging of the room, the resolution of the camera, the angles the photos are being taken from, the post production editing and much more. Making sure your photos are serving your property and cause in the strongest possible way is sure to prove wise in no time.

9.) Put up a sign

An oldy but reliable goody. Putting a sign in the front yard can be more powerful that one may think. There are people who live in your neighborhood, will see your sign and perhaps be your best salesperson as they share this opportunity with family and friends. People who live in neighborhoods often times seek to influence how the local community evolves. When they see an opening, they’re quick to share the opportunity with others creating even more buyers for you.

10.) Flyers at the house

Flyers are an excellent way for someone to simply gather more information about a property. They don’t have to go online or setup an appointment, they simply grab the flyer and have many of the facts they need to understand the property.

Marketing is like a pie with each piece being a different strategy (website, sign, flyer, etc.)… on any given day, it’s hard to say where your leads will come from but if you’re doing what we’ve mentioned above, you’re sure to get leads from somewhere.

If you’re looking for every advantage in selling your home and would also like to add the top real estate agent in Canon City to your strategy, call us today and we’ll get you setup with Kurt. Kurt understands Canon City real estate through and through and in addition to helping you with the above can also assist with some other strategies that will get your home sold quick, for maximum benefit with the least amount of headache.