Hiring a real estate agent can be a daunting task.

Keep in mind our quick tips to avoid common pitfalls and find yourself with the exact right person who will guide you through your real estate journey without unnecessary complications.

1.) Keep it local

By hiring a local agent, you acquire a teammate with not only local connections but local insights. Having someone that is familiar with the nuances of your locality will help you best understand things and in turn make better choices. Local agent’s know about the city’s plans to mow down a track of homes and put a road in their place. Additionally, a local agent will have the connections with mortgage brokers, appraisers, inspectors, etc that will help you realize a smooth real estate transaction.

2.) Interview more than 1

Buying or selling real estate in Canon City won’t happen in 1 night. Day’s will pass and things will occur and having someone you get along with, will make the entire experience much easier to manage. You wan’t to find someone you not only click with but someone you trust. Someone who will return the calls and be there even if the going gets tough.

3.) Get reviews

What are other people saying? How has a particular person dealt with prior clients. The insights from others can speak volumes and give you a way better idea of who it is you’re working with.

4.) Check them out on social media

To be serious in real estate, it is essential you’re active on social networks. These are not only places where people can meet and interact but where people can learn. Someone who is serious in real estate will likely be using these platforms to share valuable tools, insights, resources, etc that will help their communities experience higher levels of success. Social networks are an excellent place to measure an agents true commitment to their communities.

5.) Do they have an organized marketing plan

Pounding a “For Sale” sign in your front yard is only a small fraction of the marketing efforts required to properly market a home. Productive real estate agents, will list your home in countless places, have it presented professionally and have the tools in place for simple communication with potential buyers. Print advertising, radio, television and digital marketing are all important pieces in any legitimate marketing plan.

6.) Consider referrals

Asking around and seeing who others have had success with could be an excellent practice. This feedback will give you more than a referral… it will give you specifics that you can factor into your decision ensuring you end up with the exact right fit.

7.) Part time or full time?

Whether an agent is part time or full time is valuable information. It’s a reflection not only of ones commitment but their experience. Part time people often times have part time experience and part time knowledge. There’s instances where this is totally fine but buying or selling real estate may not be one of them. Finding someone who is productive enough to make a living doing it may be a benefit to you as you navigate through your real estate journey.

8.) Do they have staff?

Having staff is not only a sign of someone with experience that is productive but these extra sets of eyes can be invaluable as you complete a purchase or sale. Having a dedicated team member or members of a team assigned to very specific tasks can make for a far smoother and more professional experience.

9.) Find an experienced agent

Finding an agent with the knowledge of real estate, the market, the process, the locality and potentially much more is perhaps the most important thing you can do when finding an agent. The purchase or sale of a home often times has life changing implications and when there’s that much on the line, having an experienced pro on your side to get you the most benefit from this experience, will be a decision you’re thankful you made.

As you explore your options and search for your next real estate agent, we ask for your consideration. Kurt Zerby has been serving Canon City for over 42 years and is respect by real estate professionals throughout the area and beyond. His understanding of the process and the local nuances put him and his clients in a great situation as they seek the best possible outcome.

If you’d like to learn more about Kurt and the services he provides, give us a call today and we’ll very much look forward to sharing with you why Kurt is the #1 agent in Canon City, Co.