Buying a piece of property in today’s market can be a challenge but with the right tools and strategies, it certainly doesn’t have to be hard.

In this article and the included video above, we discuss a few simple things that if done right can eliminate tons of headaches and put you in a position of strength as you navigate this unique 2022 real estate market.

1.) Get pre-approved for a mortgage

When someone gets pre-approved it reflects not only a level of commitment but of qualification as well. When a seller sees that your financing is in order, they know you’re serious and as a result will be much more inclined to engage with you.

When considering all of the major steps in purchasing a home, the financing is arguably the most important piece. The whole transaction often hinges on it.

By getting this step out of the way early, you’ll immediately be placing yourself in a position of strength as you begin to make offers on properties.

2.) Get a good agent

Having a good.agent can absolutely prove invaluable as you work toward home ownership. An experienced agent has those connections with Mortgage brokers, title representatives, inspectors, insurance agents and more. If they’re like Kurt, they’ve gone through the process 100’s of time and know what it takes to get a good deal done.

When thinking about a purchase of this magnitude which many times is a persons most significant investment, having someone you trust, who understands the process and will guide you in a way you capture the greatest benefits, will put your mind at ease. Having a good agent can give you confidence, you’ll end up with best possible outcome.

3.) Speed

In a market like this, being quick on the draw is a necessity.

With many listings seeing offers sometimes within minutes of going live, it is absolutely critical, you’re quick on the jump.

Having the tools and such that allow you to see these listings as they hit the market will be essential to success.

Here’s one of those instances where having a great agent can prove invaluable, as they have and will provide you with the tools and technologies to know about new listings quick and engage with sellers in such a way, you have a chance at completing the buy.

4.) How to make a great offer on a home

With homes getting multiple offers immediately after coming available on the market, setting yourself apart from the pack is a must to even have a chance.

Knowing what incentives to put in your offer and what demands to leave out, will give you a big advantage while the selling side decides who’s the best fit to complete the transaction.

The above 4 tips can help you be prepared in such a way you’re taken serious, you make it to the table and can present an offer with the best chance of being accepted.

Kurt Zerby has been serving the Canon City community as a real estate agent since 1980. In 2021 he was the top agent in the area and his customers satisfaction is second to none. If you’re looking for an agent with unrivaled experience and expertise, one who will guide you to the finish line without headache while capturing the greatest benefits, give Kurt a call today!