In the above video, Kurt gives us his projections and thoughts on the real estate climate in Canon City, Co for 2022.

It’s clearly been a unique year when compared to years of the past. Supply and demand amongst other factors have created a market all it’s own with some unusual attributes you’ll want to be aware of as navigate through the real estate waters of 2022.

Some of the major take aways from the above video are;

  • Average sales price has increased 20.8 percent in the last 12 months
  • New home starts will be up only a little bit over the prior year
  • Not a ton of new starts for speculative homes
  • Interest rates are climbing… maybe get to as high as 5%
  • Rent is increasing
  • Income isn’t keeping up with the pace of other increases
  • Very low inventory
  • Supply vs Demand
  • Buyers have to act fast
  • Have to be pre-approved

All of the above come together to create a dynamic that can feel and be a challenge to work within. We are seeing variables and a market that has never been seen before. It’s evolving and moving in a way that’s entirely unique. When we’re talking about an investment as significant as real estate inside of conditions such as these, partnering with an experienced agent, may be the smartest decision you’ll ever make.

Kurt makes the process easy. A conversation will cost you nothing yet could yield invaluable insights. The decisions you make here will have consequences that last for years into the future. Give yourself every advantage… Connect with Kurt, better understand your options and experience a level of successful, you’ll celebrate!